Friends & Family Test

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) lets you, the patient, provide feedback on the services that we provide. The feedback you give will help NHS England to improve services for everyone. We receive some data on the numbers but all data is anonymised.

You can complete the questionnaire:

  • via this SurveyMonkey link.
  • by filling out a paper form (available from Reception) which can be deposited in the questionnaire box
  • by using the i-Pad screen next to our check-in monitor in Reception  

What you said: what we did

Most of the feedback centres around the lack of available routine appointments. In response to this the practice commissioned a project to look at when appointments are being asked for, not when they have been given. In other words are we as a practice meeting our patients needs? 

We will continue to assess our performance in order to work better. Against that we must recognise that resources are limited, indeed stretched and our staff will need changes that also make their work/life balance better whilst meeting patients’ needs.

Further information regarding the FFT is available from via: