Frequent Questions

Appointment System

How do the Appointments Work?

  • Routine GP Appointments: You can book a routine appointment with your GP up to one week in advance (this means that if you phone on a Monday you will only be able to book as far ahead as the following Monday); if you are seeing us for an ongoing issue we ask that you book with the same GP each time
  • Book on the day Appointments: These are reserved for emergency issues that need to be seen on the same day; please do not book these for routine issues
  • Book the day Before Appointments: There are a certain number of appointments that are released to be booked one day in advance and these are available for any issue, routine or urgent
  • Telephone Appointments: You can either request or may advised to have a telephone appointment with the Nurse Practitioner or the GP; you will be asked to provide a contact telephone number and be made aware of the time period during which the doctor will phone.
  • Specialised Appointments: There are specific clinics set up for particular issues such as blood tests, health checks, immunisations, Diabetic checks, Asthma reviews etc. So please ensure that you inform the receptionist of the nature of the appointment that you are requesting so that they know where to place you.

Please Note: Day before and on the day appointments are not released to staff to be booked until the allocated time, please do not ask staff to book these in advance as they are unable to do so.

When Should I go Straight to A&E?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues please go straight to accident and emergency:

  • Chest pain with any of the following symptoms: pain has spread to the arm, neck or jaw; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; nausea, vomitting, sweating and uneven pulse rate; history of heart problems
  • If you feel you may have broken a bone please attend A&E as we do not have x-ray facilities to assess your injury
  • If you are pregnant and are experiencing bleeding along with abdominal pains  

How do the Telephone Appointments Work?

Routine telephone appointments can be booked with GPs in both the morning or the afternoon; however if you phone in the afternoon to request one it is unlikely that there will be any left for that day. When booking a telephone consultation:

  • The consultation will take place either in the morning or the afternoon and could be at any time during surgery opening hours depending on how busy the clinic is that day
  • You need to provide a telephone number that the clinician can reach you via; they will try once only and if they do not get through you will have missed your appointment
  • Please be aware that the surgery phones will ring through to a mobile as a private number.

Admin Queries

For any admin queries please contact the surgery between 9.30am and 4.30pm when our admin team will be available to answer your calls. Please check the following queries first as your question may have been answered.

I Have Been Referred to the Hospital via Choose and Book, What Happens Now?

The GP who referred you should have printed off an information letter for you, if you were not given this please contact the admin team to obtain one.

If you would like to check if the letter has been sent through to appointments please call the Appointments Office of the Hospital you have been referred to. Please note that the department will be unable to advise of the waiting time but will be able to advise whether they have received the referral letter.