Access to Your Medical Record

Access to Your Medical Record (the Right of Access) – (SAR)

The ICO “You have the right to get a copy of information that is held about you“. This is known as a subject access request (SAR).

Please note:

  • You can sign up for to your full GP electronic record.
  •  You can then look at your medical record whenever you want.

If you do wish to make a subject access request then:

  • You can do this in writing (letter, email, fax)
  • You can either pop in and ask for a form at reception or download the SAR form from the GDPR documents section if easier
  • You can make such a request verbally to a member of staff or a doctor or nurse that you are consulting with at the surgery

We encourage you to complete the form as it means we have as much relevant information as possible to enable the request to proceed without delay in obtaining further information. Please let us know exactly what information you would like. We will provide the information within 28 calendar days.

There is usually no fee for this. We will also provide you with a copy of the “supplementary information”, which for nearly all such requests will be the detailed privacy notice for our GP records database:

  • EMIS Health Ltd (our electronic GP records database)