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Mayfield Medical Centre

Mayfield Medical Centre

national health service

To protect patients and staff we are managing most issues remotely through our website and by phone. If invited for a face-to-face appointment please bring a face covering (mask/scarf) with you. Please refer to the link below in the welcome section
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Mobile phone numbers & email addresses

We ask all our patients to provide us with their mobile phone numbers and their email address, if they have them and should they so wish.

We use your mobile phone number in two ways:

  • to contact you, as an alternative to your landline number
  • to send you SMS text messages

The texts that we send are only ever related to your medical care - for example, reminding you of a forthcoming appointment at the surgery, an invitation for a check-up or immunisation, or to inform you that a blood test or x-ray result is back.

We do not use SMS for direct marketing in any way.

If you would prefer us not to ring you on your mobile phone then please say so and we will either not add your mobile phone number to your record, or remove any existing mobile phone number.

Removing your mobile number will mean you will NOT get appointment booking confirmations or appointment reminders

We occasionally use email to communicate with our patients, again for matters related to your direct medical care. 

Unless you have separately given us your explicit consent, we will not email you for non-medical matters (such as surgery newsletters and other information).

If you would prefer us not to email you then please say so and we will either not add your email address to your record, or remove any existing email address.  This will however mean we will not be able to email you a re-set PIN / Password if your Patient on-Line access needs resetting and you will have to come into the surgery to collect a print out of this information.  You will need to bring with you photographic proof of ID before this can then be released to you.


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