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Mayfield Medical Centre

Mayfield Medical Centre

national health service

To protect patients and staff we are managing most issues remotely through our website and by phone. If invited for a face-to-face appointment please bring a face covering (mask/scarf) with you. Please refer to the link below in the welcome section
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Self Treatment of Common Illness and Accidents 

Keep all tablets and medicines well out of the reach of children.


Back pain

Rest for two days. Take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen. Apply heat in the form of a hot water bottle or electric pad to the painful area for 30 minutes at a time.



Allow cold water to run over the wound for 3 minutes. If the burn looks severe, go to  the Accident & Emergency Unit at Frimley Park Hospital.


Colds and Flu

Rest, drink plenty of fluids and take Paracetamol every six hours to relieve the worst of the symptoms. Inhale steam from menthol crystals or vapour rub dissolved in hot water. Apply vapour rub to chest.



Inhale steam from menthol crystals or vapour rub dissolved in hot water. See doctor if sputum is green-yellow, if there is a shortness of breath, a wheeze, pain on coughing or a blood stained sputum.



If you are passing urine frequently which stings or burns, you may have cystitis which is sometimes caused by infection. Drink plenty of water or ask the chemist for Cymalon. If the symptoms do not settle in a couple of days consult the doctor.


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