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Mayfield Medical Centre

Mayfield Medical Centre

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To protect patients and staff we are managing most issues remotely through our website and by phone. If invited for a face-to-face appointment please bring a face covering (mask/scarf) with you. Please refer to the link below in the welcome section
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Pregnancy Care

Mayfield Medical Centre staff want to be able to make accessing information as easy as is possible.  We have shown below any important links or information regarding pregnancy / maternity services.


All Frimley Park Hospital maternity information can be found on the following link


Frimley Park Hospital Maternity Information Link


To access the midwifery service you will need to register with them via their Self Notification of Pregnancy form (NOP) via the following link.


As part of the ‘Better Birth’s’ vision for care provided by local maternity services a new model of care is being introduced. Whilst the scheme is initially being run in Farnham by the midwives from the RSCH, patients from across the whole CCG area will be able to opt for this alternative model of care.  Register for Maternity Care wit hthe Farnham based continuity of carer team (Surrey ORchards) via this link.  Surrey Orchards



Pregnancy Notification Forms Link


When you discover you are pregnant you can refer yourself directly to the midwife using the above links.  Please also notify the surgery of your pregnancy so we can update your health record.  This also sets a notification to the midwife to expect a notification of pregnancy referral.  There is no need to consult your GP unless you have any problems or concerns.  


 Ready Steady Baby! helps you get ready for parenthood by taking you through the whole of your pregnancy from the early symptoms, through the antenatal care you will receive and on to advice on how to get through labour and the birth.  It provides a rough guide on maternity leave and benefits and can help you with the care of your baby for the first 12 months.


Community Advice Line (CAL) Telephone Number: 01276 604241 Mon-Fri 8-4 for advice only.

Your pregnancy

Find out everything you need to know about getting yourself as prepared as possible for becoming a parent and giving your baby the best start. . . 


click on the word Trimester below:

Trimester link to Start 4 Life trimester information



Labour and Birth

Knowing what may happen during labour will help you feel prepared. Labour is different for every woman – and often for every baby she has. Health professionals describe it as being in three stages (Trimesters). Knowing what is likely to happen during each stage will help you plan and prepare for your baby's arrival – something you may feel both excited and nervous about at the same time. 

The First few weeks

In the first few days after the birth, you and your new baby are getting to know each other. There’s a huge amount to learn – find out more about the best way to feed your baby, what practical steps you will need to take, and how you may be feeling. 

Growing together

Being a parent is exciting – but at times you may feel anxious. Here you can learn about what to expect from your growing baby, as well as information on immunisations, postnatal depression and weaning.


Click this NHS information link - READY STEADY BABY!


Stillbirth and neonatel death charity link  - click this link SANDS


The Care of Next Infant (CONI) programme supports families before and after the birth of their new baby - click this link CONI




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